Bob Bennett Training @ Three Oaks Arabians

Halter, Performance, and Sport Horses

Breeding and Foaling Services


Our breeding and foaling services consist of everything from standing and promoting your stallion to the public, to foaling your mare out and imprinting your foal.  With our staff and facilities, we provide the following breeding and foaling services:

Stallion Collection ~ Shipping Cooled Semen ~ Artificial Insemination (AI)

Mare Foaling ~ Imprinting Foals ~ Foal Halter Breaking


Stallion & Broodmare Management

We believe it is very important to breed the best possible combination of stallion and mare.  Our stallion and broodmare management program helps in achieving this goal.  We sit down with each stallion owner and create a sensible and affordable marketing strategy to promote your stallion each breeding season.  It is important to analyze the pedigree of each mare you are considering breeding to your stallion to produce the best foal possible.  Nothing hurts a stallions reputation more than not producing well.

As for the broodmares, we are here to help find the stallion that will produce your next National Champion.  Again, analyzing pedigrees is very important in this process.  When you spend money on a breeding, you want to make sure you are making the choice to produce the best foal possible.